Firelines offer an immediate form of defense against fires in a building. These lines are often an important factor in the design and construction of commercial, residential, and municipal properties. A properly installed and maintained fire line system provides an unmatched level of safety to the public. A complete fireline directs water from a pressurized underground system to an overhead pressurized system that releases water in the case of a fire. National Pipeline Contractors specializes in the installation of the underground portion of a fire line, which connects to a municipality’s water main.
The integrity of a fire line system relies on proper installation, which is why National Pipeline Contractors only employees team members who are highly trained in this practice. We have extensive experience in installing underground fireline systems, and some of our past projects have included working on homes, commercial buildings, churches, shopping centers, schools, entertainment facilities, and industrial parks. This experience, along with a team of qualified employees, has made us one of the top companies in the fireline industry. If you are searching for a fireline contracting company, we invite you to contact National Pipeline Contractors to further discuss your project, and to receive a competitive bid.